The same passion and respect for animals that led me to embrace biology as my profession, and to become specialized in animal physiology, also led me to conceive a dream place where healthy and happy animals could be bred. An environment that could furnish not only physical but emotional health to the dogs. This is essential for us to produce high quality animals, physically and its behavior concerned. That is how Piccolo Cuore Kennel is like, a place where people love what they do and are engaged in growing companions and little friends, other than fabricating puppies.

We have chosen the Shetland Shepherd, an adorable, intelligent, reactive, beautiful and happy dog because it fits perfectly our work ideals, which are based on the pleasure to live with so lovely creatures.

Our work is based on handmade breeding, nevertheless we are always in search for the safe breed improvement, through careful mating and special attention to the characteristics and health of reproducers. All dogs are clinically evaluated to check out for general and specific race diseases (Hip displasia, Elbow displasia, Eye and Thyroid problems). Only the absolutely healthy ones will serve. Therefore we assure the commitment to contribute to the maintenance of a high quality breed and to the lineage of marvelous companions.

Maria Paula Mellito da Silveira

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