Piccolo Cuore Kennel before anything is the dream that came true and, as I always though, have much more chances of being successful when it can rely on other people’s support. Since the very beginning, I am enjoying the happiness to may count on the competence, talent and care of marvelous people, presented as follows in a chronological order. They had or keep on having an essential role on my kennel’s history.

To Vânia, of Telleshire Kennel, to have put in my hands a jewel like Milla. Besides being the very first member of the “family”, Milla represents the competence and seriousness of a very careful breeding that can only be achieved with love and dedication, demonstrated clearly to everyone who knows Vânia. My admiration and respect.

To Marcelo, tireless supporter who presented the Kennel with his rare talents on visual identity creations, internet site development and photography skills, applied to most of the dogs and facilities photos, my best regards and gratitude for having him around. I will be always thankful for the opportunity to have met this good friend.

To Luiz and Ângelo, Carlang Kennel owners, experienced breeders who I was glad to meet again after a while and ended up being responsible for my “debut” at the exhibitions and breeders world. To them, particularly to Luiz, I owe a lot of “that world” knowledge, and to have become my mentors and counselors, with whom I can share my doubts and the happiness from my achievements. They have been co-responsible for everything my kennel is and will be. I do want to keep on counting on your caretaking and support. You are very special to me!

To Mr. Guy Jeavons from the distinguished Canadian Grandgables Kennel, whose competence is worldwide well known and recognized by numerous champions he has already produced, my most sincere thanks for granting us one of its dogs (Jester).

To Dr. Marcos A. dos Santos, responsible for the healthcare for all my dear animals, my thank you all very much.

Maria Paula Mellito da Silveira


Design por Marcelo dos Santos / Desenvolvimento por Keidi Nienkotter